Workshops & Events

As a non-for-profit organisation, we charge the minimum needed to cover the costs of running the workshops. Any small amounts received in excess of the running costs go towards maintaining the garden.

Gardens are great for our physical health, mental well-being and keep us connected to nature and each other. The 5 Senses Garden will be a beautiful space designed to bring people together; where you make friends and see familiar faces, share meals and recipes; learn about gardening and our local environment.

It will be a place to spend time in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and plants; and learn about culture, health and wellbeing.

We will be growing food, sharing ideas and experiences. There will be opportunities to take part in workshops and talks. The garden will be an inclusive space welcoming everyone.

Workshops will cover a wide selection of topics, such as…

  • General gardening

  • Workshops on health & well-being

  • Art in the garden

  • Guest speakers

  • Indigenous Australian Culture workshops (e.g. bush tucker education)

  • Cooking lessons, BBQ’s and sharing meals

  • walking groups

  • Passive activities, such as experiencing the benefits of being outdoors in a tranquil and serene environment

  • Sharing ideas and being involved in growing the garden

  • A place to come and relax, reflect, observe and be part of nature

  • Opportunities to improve health and fitness through gardening , to suit all levels of activity and ability

  • The 5 Senses Garden will collaborate with local schools and community groups, fostering educational experiences and bringing together a cross-section of the community.