City of Canada Bay in partnership with the Inner West Neighbour Aid have developed an inclusive ‘5 Senses Garden’ within Rhodes Park, Concord West. The Garden is designed to a be a place to bring the community together; the young, the elderly, people from all walks of life, cultures and all abilities.

Vision: Improve the health and well-being of our local community, especially those who are marginalised, fostering friendships and belonging.

The 5 Senses Garden provides:

  • Programs and workshops that encourage health and well-being

  • Tailored activities for residential care facilities, schools, hospital programs and other non-for-profit organisation

  • Volunteering opportunities 

  • Opportunities for health professionals to use the garden with their clients for recovery and rehabilitation purposes

  •  Inspiration for residents to be environmentally sustainable and get involved in the community

  • A safe and welcoming space for people of all abilities and backgrounds 


The garden is designed to be both an active and passive space, enabling people to participate in activities and workshops, play or simply to enjoy the beauty of the garden and its surroundings.  The space is wheelchair accessible and allows visitors to engage with all their senses in the different areas of the garden.

  • Edible garden

  • Sensory garden

  • Communal kitchen and workshop area

  • Nature play area with accessible features

  • An indigenous food area

All areas are connected by a beautiful path designed by a renowned local indigenous artist.


The 5 Senses Garden is inspired by our clients.

Daily, we see people in the community who are passionate and knowledgeable gardeners, grow their own food or are part of garden clubs. With this in mind, we recognised a need in our local community for green spaces that allow the elderly and people living with physical and intellectual disabilities to be included.  

The 5 Senses Garden could not have happened without the significant investment and contributions from the City of Canada Bay. The City of Canada Bay has been an enthusiastic partner and champion of the project, providing funding for construction and design.